Our animal welfare centre is a tribute to British ecologist Wendy Clements. She worked hard to help animals, and protect nature, in this part of southern Spain.

In our Sanctuary, we are a group of women who dedicate more than 80,000m2 to provide a happy world for horses, birds, dogs, cats and many other friends of the animal world.



All volunteers have their own occupations (employees, retirees, university students...). No one here charges for their work and all the money we raise is dedicated to the activities, feeding and care of more than 200 animals. We try to give them a dignified, free life among people but without bad experiences.

We work in direct collaboration with the Association "El Burrito Feliz"  and the women's environmental group "MUJERES POR DOÑANA".

Burrito Mujeres

We are currently improving the infrastructure and buildings and, in addition, we have a veterinary service that constantly advises us and monitors the welfare of the animals.

Wendy Clements

Sadly, Wendy Clements has passed away but she can be proud that her project is moving forward.