Your help is very useful to move forward with this project. 

Sanctuary Account Number


You can help us in the following ways:


1 - By joining our TEAMING.

This is our TEAMING.

Every two months we publish on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) a list of donations with the initials of the donators so that you will be sure that your donation has arrived.


2 - By becoming a member/partner of the Sanctuary.

You can become a preferred partner by donating 12 euros/pounds each month.

We will send you a Partner Diploma in your name and you will know that you are helping a great deal with our efforts.

Do not forget to put in the concept “PARTNER WENDY SANCTUARY”.


3 - By making direct donations to our account.

Direct deposits can be paid into our account in whatever amount you wish to donate. Please do not forget to put in the reference “WENDY SANCTUARY”.



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